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Primary School

"We are a school first and foremost and proud of our student and their achievements."


Welcome to Primary School

"We are a school first and foremost and proud of our
students and their achievements."

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Beech Class

Welcome to Beech Class. This is the oldest class in school. Pupils then transition to the Secondary School site from this class at the end of the year. We hope you enjoy looking and finding out about Beech Class!

This term we are learning about our own individual topics, from Super cars to Harry Potter. We are aiming to develop our research, fine motor, communication, technology, problem-solving and creativity skills. We have been exploring this topic in many ways, including through a multi-sensory approach, such as through art and video.


In Maths we have been exploring fractions, using visual and physical, manipulative resources to aid understanding. We are also exploring decimals, percentages, geometry and general arithmetic practice.


In English we are learning about story writing and non-fiction texts.


In Science we are learning about the circulatory and respiratory systems through experiments, videos, physical and visual resources.