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"We are a school first and foremost and proud of our student and their achievements."


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"We are a school first and foremost and proud of our
students and their achievements."

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In the Classroom


Term 3


In summer term, Red class are exploring non-fiction.


At the start of the term, we used all of our Spring term science learning to create information leaflets about a pet of our choice (assessment for science learning). We explored question marks and exclamation marks and adjectives for this module.


We are now exploring diary writing, where we will record our plant growth journey from science, as per our cross-curricular approach to learning. We are learning about past tense verbs, first person pronouns and conjunctions for subordination. 


Our EYFS learners will be exploring conjunctions, adjectives, full stops and capital letters.

Term 2


In Spring term, Red class have been exploring traditional tales, poetry and non-fiction! As per our topic, Animals and Humans, we have rewritten the ending to The Three Little Pigs, after predicting, describing and learning the tale off-by-heart using actions and the small world area. We were able to the tale to another version, The True Story of The Three Little Pigs!, which helped us to think of our own endings, while highlighting all the important features of a traditional tale. Along this journey, we learned about adjectives, full stops, finger spaces and capital letters.


Right now, we are exploring poetry! We have been looking comparing texts by Julia Donaldson, such as The Snail and The Whale and A Squash and a Squeeze. We are identifying rhyming words within the text before using our science knowledge to write our own poems about animals.


Next, we will write information leaflets and fact files about animals. I wonder how much of our science learning we will use for these literacy outcomes? Stay tuned!

Term 1

Red class have been reading Whatever Next!, Laura's Star and Aliens Love Underpants, all as per our class topic, Space! We have been sequencing, predicting, describing, retelling and innovating the stories through writing and within our small world area. So far, we have explored adjectives, conjunctions, bossy verbs, bullet points, capital letters and full stops to help us produce some amazing final pieces. Check out some of our 'big writes' below! We are highly differentiated, not only through support, but by adapting every pupil to an individual curriculum, to help them learn at their own individual pace.


Recently, the boys explored instructional writing. In DT, the boys designed and made some alien underpants, before writing a set of instructions of how to do this. Cross-curricular learning is very beneficial for our understanding and transference of knowledge.


We have also used virtual reality as literary hooks in literacy, not only to aid engagement, but to enhance and develop social and emotional development, while allowing for pupils to distinguish fantasy from reality.

How to Make Alien Underpants!


Red class are exploring phase 2 and 3 phonics! Using sensory based experiences, we have been mark making sounds and CVC words into a number of differing resources, from sand and dough, to glitter and spaghetti!


Every day, Red class explore our sound bag to find the sound of the day, before forming our new sounds and associated CVC words in such materials alike! Some pupils are now even using whiteboards and pens to form CVC words an short sentences during our daily phonics input! We pride ourselves on the ability to incorporate fun, sensory-based, real-life experiences into our phonics learning, in bids to make phonics teaching a memorable, joyful experience – laying the foundations for reading for pleasure.


Recently, we have been working alongside SALT and have been practising mirror play, all in efforts to support the boys' speech and communication.


Term 3


This term, Red class are exploring measurement of mass and volume, money and time as well as fractions.


We are using a range of real-life experiences and resources (concrete and pictorial) to aid our understanding along this journey. We are currently consolidating our learning of measurement over in science, using a ruler most days to measure the growth of our bean plants and flowers. Our EYFS learners are also using uniform non-standard units of measurement to record plant growth progress.

Term 2


This term, Red class are learning about shape, place value (addition and subtraction) and measurement. Using resources both inside and outside the classroom, we will explore these units in our own ways, from pictures to sand hunts. We will consolidate our measurement learning in the kitchen, preparing healthy foods as per science, using the scales to create the perfect lunch!

Term 1

This term, Red class are exploring place value, addition and subtraction. We have used a number of physical and manipulative resources to aid our progress in numeracy, as well as relatable, visual images such as literary characters or planets, as per our topic, allowing for transference of knowledge, also.


We are all at different levels and therefore the boys' learning tasks are highly differentiated, from EYFS level to KS1!

Little Mathematicians

Science and Topic

Term 3


In summer term, we are learning all about plants! We have explored what plants need to grow, making verbal links to human needs alike, as per last terms learning. We have also explored the life cycle of a bean plant, as well as the inside of a seed, which we have all learned in our own personalised ways.


To consolidate our learning, we have also been little gardeners, planting bean plants and flowers in different conditions, before gathering data after 7 weeks to see if our predictions were correct.


In topic, we are also exploring toys, old and new through a number of foundation subjects. We will be exploring toy origins around the world, using this as a focus point for geography learning. We will also be comparing toys from past and present, as well as through history, as we explore the evolution of toys.

Term 2


This term, we are learning all about animals and humans! Using literary texts to engage us, we are exploring food chains, habitats, diets and needs for survival, comparing the differences and similarities between mankind and our animal friends. We will also use forest school to enhance and consolidate our learning.


We will also be focusing on Geography this term, identifying continents and oceans! I wonder if we can use our science learning to locate animal habitats on the map?

Term 1

This term, Red class are learning about Space!


We are using sensory experiences and real-life experiences, enhancing our fine/gross motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination and senses to explore Space. We have also used extra-curricular subjects such as cooking and forest school to consolidate our learning in this regard, with amazing results! Through play and sensory-based experiences we have been scientists and designers, exploring materials suitable for alien underpants, before designing, creating and evaluating our own creations, as per our literary text. We have also been scientists of weather, comparing weather on Earth to weather on different planets.


We are also developing our teamwork skills through foundational subjects. As a class we all discussed Van Gogh's Starry Night, before working together to bake the painting in bread! We then got our heads together to consider the order of steps needed to make our beautiful bread, before writing instructionally as a team, How to Make Starry Night Bread! This gave us collaborative practise ahead of our 'big write', How to Make Alien underpants.


Over in PSHE, we have been exploring Health and Nutrition, as well as Relationships. The boys were able to identify healthy ingredients within our bread making activity, too. We are also geographers and historians, piecing together timelines of space history and making our own maps through Google Earth!

Little Scientists