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"We are a school first and foremost and proud of our student and their achievements."


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"We are a school first and foremost and proud of our
students and their achievements."

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In the Classroom

English Term 1 and 2


During the Autumn Term, Beech Class have been learning about WW2. They followed the story of Goodnight Mr Tom, to help them learn about life in WW2 and the characters that are in the book.

Pupils then explored about how to write descriptions within stories to build up their literacy skills.

Finally they wrote about their story experience of being in an Anderson shelter during an air raid with great realistic results...

Maths - Term One


During term one, Beech class have been exploring a variety of different topics, including time, addition and subtraction, as well as decimal numbers. The Beech boys have used a number of physical resources such as wooden clocks to help aid their understanding of time, working both independently and supported, while promoting a mastery-style approach and developing problem solving skills.


During the Autumn term, Beech class looked at a variety of topics in Maths. Place Value, exploring decimals as well as adding and subtracting with larger numbers.


Pupils have been learning their maths skills through written tasks, class challenges and online learning. 
They have started using times tables rock stars to help them learn and recall times tables which are so important throughout life... They really enjoy the challenges and also the games that can be played...

Science - Autumn Term


During the Autumn Term Beech class have been exploring air resistance through their class topic of WW2. They carried out various experiments to learn about parachutes, helicopters and how better designed models manage to stay in the air longer.

Beech Class have also been exploring Science through different challenges...They have really enjoyed trying out different challenges and improving some of our designs to give better outcomes in the experiments....


Eg : Design an egg carrier to protect an egg that is dropped from a certain height....





Topic Term 1 and 2 


During the Autumn Term Beech Class were learning about WW2. They learnt about the different countries that took part in WW2 as well as the significant individuals that were involved.  The class had the opportunity to go and visit Cobbaton Combat Museum and discovered many different wartime vehicles and resources that were used during that time. It was a very enjoyable visit for the class. 


It was also really interesting to discover how North Devon was involved in the war, from both evacuations of children as well as a place for the Forces to practice before going off to fight in the war...

Cooking - Term 1 and 2


During the Autumn term Beech class have been cooking a variety of delicious recipes, from sausage rolls to making Pudsey Biscuits for Children in Need day ! The Beech boys supported all the other pupils at school to decorate their biscuits and it was a really enjoyable community event !!