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"We are a school first and foremost and proud of our student and their achievements."


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"We are a school first and foremost and proud of our
students and their achievements."

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In the Classroom

Evolution and Inheritance

Beech Class looked at Evolution and Inheritance during the Spring term.  They produced different Art work,  did some Science activities on adaptation and history sessions were explored around this topic.  Pupils learnt about inheritance within our own physical features and what is inherited from ones parents.  We also looked at how living things are adaptive to their environments to best survive.


This topic also covered how the theory of evolution came about and how the famous explorers like Darwin proved their Scientific theories by the journeys they took many many years ago.  Pupils looked at evidence of evidence of evolution through different age fossils and what they showed about the past both plants and animals including humans.


During this new summer term Beech Class are exploring about Light. Within Science we are learning about how the eye works, how different sources of light give off different images, colour impacts on light through filters and the colour spectrum, shadows, reflection and refraction. We will be linking this into other areas of the curriculum including DT by having a go at making our own lights..


Another important aspect of this summer term is that the boys will be doing transition activities to get them ready to move on to Secondary School in September..












Science experiments about evolution


In our English Work this term we have been learning about writing about Non Fiction texts including inventions and technology we like. The pupils have been doing research about their favourite inventions, finding out about when they were first invented and looking at the changes to the product that they know today. They have made timelines about them and found out key dates for the development of such things as drones, VR headsets and even the football !!!


Pupil read regularly in class and also practice handwriting linked to their weekly spellings. 




In Maths Beech Class have been doing a range of work on decimals, percentages and now they are moving on to money.
Pupils are working out the change they would get from buying different products and the types of coins and notes they would get.  Problem solving activities about money, budgeting and life skills based around money are also being explored.


We also regularly practice quick maths recall through our power of 2 Maths intervention programme we do in class as well as use online times tables activities to refresh and remember our times tables knowledge.


Some of our maths work is done using My Maths an online site where work is set individually for pupils depending on their ability and knowledge. 

Literacy work using adverbs and about timelines of inventions

Maths work on decimals

Other activities

We cook on a regular basis and enjoy learning important life skills in the kitchen together.

Thrive is promoted and practiced at Marland Primary School. Pupils are encouraged to engage in social activities that promote greater confidence, cooperation and positivity with others through games or activities other than the main curriculum subjects.