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"We are a school first and foremost and proud of our student and their achievements."


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"We are a school first and foremost and proud of our
students and their achievements."

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In the Classroom

Topic - Final Term


For our final term, we have let the boys choose their own individual topics, based on their own personal interests. The Beech boys started with mind maps, and carefully considered ways in which they could gain a deeper understanding of their topics through the core and foundation subjects. Topic ideas have so far included Harry Potter, Minecraft and Super cars.


The boys have made PowerPoints to document their planning webs and have also used Lightboxes and sensory-based resources such as clay to immerse themselves into their topics, to also add to their own panels on our class display.


The skills acquired during this topic include researching, paraphrasing, fine-motor skills, decision-making and problem solving and creative and critical thinking.

Topic - Term 3


This term, our topic is the Romans.


We have been exploring the history of the Romans through timelines and the Roman empire, as well as exploring Roman shields, mythology and mosaic tiles.


Over the past few weeks, Beech class have been designing and creating their own Roman shields. Using a mind map and drawing on PSHE, an example of cross-curricular learning, the boys drew their favourite things in life, from pizza to horror fiction! The process has included designing through drawing, cutting, painting and using a glue gun.


Recently, the Beech boys have been creating Roman helmets, having studied the intricate detail and materials of those worn in Roman battle. They have been using plaster, glue guns and a range of materials to create a helmet to match their wonderful shields.

Nature - Term One


Exploring classification, animal characteristics and food chains in Topic.



In English we have been exploring non-fiction texts and story writing. The Beech boys have been writing information pieces to give instructions to a reader. The boys have also been exploring different themes and build up skills focusing on powerful verbs still, bullet points and paragraph skills, as well as good punctuation practice.


We have also been using different story settings to write creative stores for their chosen audience, using images to inspire them. The boys have been using structure story plans to enhance their stories, as well as studying the traditional patterns of stories, including the narrative structures of equilibriums, problems, resolutions and new-found equilibriums. 


Recently, the boys have been enhancing their self-correcting skills by editing their texts to improve their writing. We are also using a multi-sensory approach by using the PC to write stories, thus developing their technological literacy.

English - Terms 1 and 2


This term, Beech class have been learning how to write explanations of how things work, from dog walking to Nerf guns! The boys worked both independently and with support to produce some excellent explanations, using punctuation, conjunctions, capital letters and paragraphs.


The Beech boys have also been exploring powerful verbs, exploring different ways to say 'said', in order to make their sentences more interesting.

Maths - Terms 3 and 4


In maths we have been exploring fractions.


We have focused on proper and improper fractions, as well as mixed fractions, supporting our understanding using visual, physical and manipulative resources.

Maths - Term One


This term, Beech class have been exploring a variety of different topics, including time, addition and subtraction, as well as decimal numbers. The Beech boys have used a number of physical resources such as wooden clocks to help aid their understanding of time, working both independently and supported, while promoting a mastery-style approach and developing problem solving skills.

Science - Terms 3 and 4


In science we have been looking at the heart and how to keep healthy. We have also explored the circulatory system and how our lifestyles can affect the body. Recently, we have explored the digestive system, conducting an experiment to understand how our bodies process and digest food. We have also conducted a sensory-based experiment whereby the Beech boys made 'blood' using Cheerios, marshmallows and red food colouring. By mixing these resources together the boys were able to understand the components of our blood, including the functions of red/white blood cells, plasma and platelets, while consolidating learning through visuals such as pie charts and written work.


We have also been planting potatoes and are enjoying watching them grow.

Science - Term One


This Term, Beech class have conducted a Science experiment, investigating Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, as part of our Nature topic. Here, the Beech boys used different sized tweezers to pick up a variety of bird seeds, helping them to understand how Finch birds have evolved to survive, while practising their fine motor skills.

Cooking - All Terms


This term Beech class have been cooking a variety of delicious recipes, from sushi to fudge! The Beech boys have been working as a team to measure, weigh, mix, stir and spoon our ingredients, while using the hob safely and sensibly with terrific results!